Durian Paste Snow Skin Mooncakes (06 Sep 08)

Pure Durian Paste Snow Skin Mooncakes

Our 2nd batch of durian paste mooncakes. For this batch, my hubby & I decided to motify the original recipe of the durian paste ^_^

The motified durian paste has a softer texture & the colour of the paste is lighter. So it is nicer when wrapped in the durian snow skin as the snow skin colour show out much more attractive as compared to our 1st attempt.

Durian snow skin - soft & chewy.
Durian paste - not much difference in the taste as compared to our 1st batch except that it has a softer texture & lighter colour.

I must agree that my hubby is doing a much better job than me in the wrapping of the durian paste in the snow skin.. But I will definitely improve my skill! ^_^

We only managed to make just enough portion for both our families' members with the 3 durians that we have bought. Each member only get to eat 1x mini durian mooncakes, only our parents get to eat 2-4 pieces more..

My family still prefers those pure durian flesh mooncakes (same for me).. I will try and make 1 batch of mooncake with those pure durian flesh if I have the time to do it before the lantern festival day comes.. Hopefully I can squeeze out some time to do it as I will be very busy the coming week.. If no chance to make it this year, I will definitely do it next year!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

The mooncakes taste nice although it is not so beautiful =X
But , the oreo that u created tastes nice YUMMY !!!
You should create more flavours ,
Maybe someday you will be my teacher :D hahas


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